Salt Lake City 2002 Mascot Pin

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Powder, Coal and Copper

The Salt Lake City 2002 Games mascots aim to reflect the Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger). With this in mind, three animals, a snowshoe hare, a coyote and a black bear, were chosen to symbolise the motto.

The snowshoe hare, “Powder” (Swifter): At one time, the sun was burning up the earth. The hare ran swiftly to the top of the mountain. Shooting her arrow at the sun, she dropped it lower in the sky and cooled the land.

The coyote, “Copper” (Higher): When the world turned dark and frozen, the coyote climbed the highest mountaintop and stole the flame from the fire people. He brought warmth back to the earth.

The American black bear, “Coal” (Stronger): Long ago, brave hunters left their villages to track the mighty bear, but the bear was too strong and outlasted the hunters. Today, sons of the hunters continue the chase in the night sky.

- Designer: Landor/Publicis

er: Matthew Hatton

reference : PIN-MSC-SLK02
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