Sydney 2000 Mascot Pin

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Olly, Syd and Millie

 “Olly”, a kookaburra; “Syd”, a platypus; and “Millie”, an echidna, are the three native Australian animals chosen as mascots for the Sydney 2000 Games.

These Australian animals represent earth, air and water.

Olly (whose name is derived from the word “Olympic”) epitomises the Olympic spirit of universal generosity. Syd (whose name is derived from the word “Sydney”) represents the environment and captures the vigour and energy of Australia and its people.

Millie (whose name is derived from the word “millennium”) is a techno-whiz and information guru, with all the facts and figures at her fingertips.

The Organising Committee received hundreds of submissions from artists, children and other people from around the world. In the end, it was Matthew Hatton’s mascot design which was chosen for these Games of the new millennium.

- Designer: Matthew Hatton

reference : PIN-MSC-SYD00
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